Smoking is not allowed indoors at Golden Festival. Smoking is permitted on the Atrium Terrace (2nd floor ).

Grand Prospect hall is providing beverages on a ticket basis, on Friday in the Skylight Room (2nd floor ), and Saturday in the Skylight Room and Speakeasy Room (1st floor ), including draft beer, sljivovica and other ethnic spirits, wine, soda and hot drinks. Cash only.

Insurance coverage for the event prohibits bringing outside alcoholic beverages to Grand Prospect Hall. Thank you for your understanding .

Please do not go into the marked-off areas . If you are found there you will be required to leave the festival. Parents, please be sure your children are aware of this. If your child is found in a restricted area, you will be required to leave with your child.

Photography and video recording policy: The taking of photographs and/or videos is permitted at the Golden Festival, except as noted below.

  • Engagements for commercial gain or profit such as movie films, commercial television productions, and photography for commercial advertisements must obtain prior authorization
  • Video lights or spot lights may not be used except with prior authorization
  • Access to the stages or non-public spaces requires prior authorization
  • Maintain a reasonable distance from musicians and dancers
  • For authorization contact

In case of emergency, please contact the nearest security guard, the front desk, a member of the Golden Festival organizing committee or the nearest sound volunteer.

Because of damage to handwoven textiles used as stage decorations, we cannot allow any drinks on stage other than water for performers.

Lost items may be turned in at Performer Check-in desk in the Queen’s room, off the 1st floor back corridor. After the festival contact the Golden Festival phone number: 646-844-gold (4653) or Items will be held for 1 month.

If you have suggestions for how to improve the Golden Festival, contact Matt: