Videos of Golden Festival 2020

Here is a curated list of videos from Zlatne Uste Golden Festival 2020, found on Youtube 10/15/2020.  Enjoy! Youtube Playlist

Videos of Golden Festival 2021

We are pleased to offer replays of almost all of the online festival  livestreamed in February 2021.   Enjoy! Youtube Playlist


Gogofski This set was recorded at the Golden Festival 2014. The musicians are Dave Golber, clarinet, Henry Goldberg, drums, Ken Hiatt, accordion, and Kasia Sokalla, vocals. The tunes are “Skopski Chochek”.   This from an old 45 record (yes, vinyl) of Kocho Petrovski, who was a number one accordion player.   It’s a devetorka.   (Yep, it’s called Skopski […]

Young Bulgarian Voices New York

Young Bulgarian Voices New York Young Bulgarian Voices New York is a non profit cultural organization that offers a variety of instrumental, voice, dance, language and traditions classes and workshops for every age and every background. Want to learn: Bulgarian Kaba Gaida (bagpipe) for beginners and advanced players with Kiril KetevBulgarian Tupan (double sided drum) […]

Musiki Parea

Musiki Parea Based in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Musiki Parea was originally formed in Summer 2000. Original members include sisters Kate and Erika Gerson and Laura Blumenthal, who met at Mendocino Balkan Camp, and Wendy Cutler.  Johnny-come-latelies are Joe Condie and Mark Hamilton.‍The band usually plays at summer festivals in Metro Vancouver, including Greek Day on Broadway […]

Bob Beer’s Boza Recipe

Bob Beer’s Boza Recipe The easiest way to make boza is from boza!    So, if you have some already to use as starter (see our resource links), skip to Part B (Making the boza itself). If you aren’t fortunate to have an awesome Turkish neighbor, or a Balkan deli making the stuff in your neighborhood, […]

BOZA – Alida Malushi’s recipe

BOZA – Alida Malushi’s recipe Ingredients:500 gr. corn flour 5 gr. dry yeast5 liters warm water Sugar to taste  Start making Boza two days before you plan to drink it.  Day 1 Evening In a big pot, mix the corn flour and the warm water. Cover and let it sit overnight.  Day 2Morning Place the pot over […]

Sound Archive

The Free Music Archive contains 866 tracks recorded live by WFMU volunteers at Golden Festivals between 2009 and 2018. Audio quality varies widely. You can use the search tool to find tracks for specific bands, dates, etc. The search term “Golden Festival” finds all of these tracks.

Michigan Quarterly Review

“There will be crowds—sanguine. There will be sixty bands, give or take, with several thousand of us listening. There will be disembodied ghostly singing. There will be ruckus rhythms that defy analyzing.”