Videos of Golden Festival 2018

Here is a curated list of videos from Zlatne Uste Golden Festival 2018, found on Facebook and Youbube as of 2/3/2018.  Enjoy!


What Cheer? Brigade and Zlatne Uste finale:
Max’s New Hat:
Dancing Berance to Kavala Friday:
Lauren Brody:
Zlatne Uste Friday:

Zlatne Uste:
Cocek Nation youth band:
Slavic Soul Party:
Cherven Traktor:
Zabava Macedonian:
Fenyes Band Hungarian:
Rosen Sisters:
What Cheer Brigade
Max’s New Hat:
Fenyes Banda:
Yasna Voices:
Belly Dance to Zikrayat jam in Grandview:

Facebook (Cocek Nation / Jalopy) Esma’s song Sto imala kozmet stamena stamena Firdizhen cocek Bokijev (Dalia leading dance) Ekstra cocek Greek Tune Siki Siki Momce Kruschka Reka Zelja

Videos of Golden Fest 2017

Here is a curated Youtube collection of videos from Zlatne Uste Golden Festival 2017.  Enjoy!

West Philadelphia Orchestra, Glas, Max’s New Hat, Zlatne Uste, Fenyes Banda, Gogofsky, Blato Zlato, What Cheer? Brigade, Dervisi, Young Bulgarian Voices NY YBVNY, etc.

Michigan Quarterly Review

“There will be crowds—sanguine. There will be sixty bands, give or take, with several thousand of us listening. There will be disembodied ghostly singing. There will be ruckus rhythms that defy analyzing.”

Video: Inside The Exultant Grand Prospect Hall Balkan Music Fest

“The crowd, like the music, is eclectic. Many attendees sport flower crowns and traditional dress, but dreadlocks and steampunk outfits are visible as well. Grandmas dance alongside twenty-somethings and tweens, and immigrants steeped in folk dancing tradition teach steps to those new to the scene.” BY JENNIFER PREISSEL / GOTHAMIST

Select videos from Golden Festival 2015

Raya Brass Band – “Cucek na Sudahan”
Young Bulgarian Voices songs for dancing
What Cheer Brigade
Dorit dancing to Scott Wilson & Efendi
Harris Brothers Band – Nazimov Cacak
Amir Vahab Ensemble
Supruli Georgian singing
Tipsy Oxcart
Raya Brass Band plays on Friday night
Various groups performing
Supruli – Dideba Taringzelaresh
Dance instruction, mix of groups perform
Raya Brass Band – opening number
Blato Zlato – Ajde Jano