Night One of Golden Fest 2017: A Darkly Danceable Feast

New York Music Daily Blog “an otherworldly, booming vortex that was as ancient-sounding as it was sophisticated, both rhythmically and melodically”

Brooklyn Daily – Dance with Uste: Learn traditional steps at Balkan music fest

“The annual Zlatne Uste Golden Festival — now in its 32nd year — is known for its many rollicking bands, but the dancing among the audience is just as important as the action happening on the fest’s four stages.” – Carolyn Spivak

Video: Inside The Exultant Grand Prospect Hall Balkan Music Fest

“The crowd, like the music, is eclectic. Many attendees sport flower crowns and traditional dress, but dreadlocks and steampunk outfits are visible as well. Grandmas dance alongside twenty-somethings and tweens, and immigrants steeped in folk dancing tradition teach steps to those new to the scene.” BY JENNIFER PREISSEL / GOTHAMIST

Select videos from Golden Festival 2015

Raya Brass Band – “Cucek na Sudahan” Young Bulgarian Voices songs for dancing What Cheer Brigade Dorit dancing to Scott Wilson & Efendi Harris Brothers Band – Nazimov Cacak Litvakus Amir Vahab Ensemble Supruli Georgian singing Tipsy Oxcart Raya Brass Band plays on Friday night Various groups performing Supruli – Dideba Taringzelaresh Dance instruction, mix […]

Village Voice: The 10 Best Concerts in New York this Weekend

“The joyous, inclusive, and diverse four-stage lineup is anchored by a quintet of fine local brass bands augmented by dozens of Balkan, Turkish, Macedonian, and other Eastern European ensembles boasting varying degrees of authenticity and innovation, from a cappella to electronica.” – Richard Gehr