The Zlatne Uste Golden Festival is orchestrated by a passionate team of volunteers whose unwavering dedication and talent fuel the success of this extraordinary event.

Their spirit of generosity permeates every part of our gathering, and we are immensely grateful for their invaluable contributions. From meticulously planning each detail to executing seamless logistics, their hard work shines through, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with attendees year after year.

Zlatne Uste would like to extend special thanks to:

The Golden Festival Organizing Committee: Batja Bell, Belle Birchfield, Morgan Clark, Michael Ginsburg, Melinda Hunt, Aani Kisslinger, Jerry Kisslinger, Noel Kropf, Laura Pannaman, Matt Smith, and Cathie Springer

Program Director: Michael Ginsburg

Publicity: Belle Birchfield, Jerry Kisslinger, Dalia Kropf, Joanna Zannoni, Aani Kisslinger and Josh Bisker 

Festival Artwork: Batja Bell

Website: Matthew Fass, Jen Shearer, Noel Kropf, Matt Smith, and Melinda Hunt 

Admissions: Matt Smith (Pay Door), Joan Shear (Performers & Guests), Noel Kropf (Vendors & Volunteers)

Security: Matt Smith, George Bradley

Charshiya Market: Batja Bell (curator),  Audrey & Jenny Dennis (managers)

Merch / CD Table: Lea Johnson & Adam Mumford

Decorating and Strike: Cathie Springer

Production Coordinators: Noel Kropf, Cathie Springer, Quinn Zannoni (Production Manager)

Hospitality: Batja Bell and Morgan Clark, Dan Hirschi (kitchen captain)

Water: Noel Kropf

Performer Hospitality: Stacey Sternberg and Josh Bisker

Greeters: Josh Bisker

Lighting / Tech: Doug Shearer

Load Out: Julie Spiegel, Cathie Springer, Noel Kropf

Stage Managers: Laura Pannaman and the team of stage managers

Sound: Noel Kropf, Alison Goessling and Audio, Inc.

Volunteer Coordinator: Noel Kropf

Volunteer Hospitality: Stacey Sternberg and Joanna Zannoni

Signs: Melinda Hunt

Venue Liaison: Laura Pannaman


More thanks goes out to:

Marian Eines, proofreader
Patrick Paglen, photographs
Margaret Loomis, photographs


Special thanks to festival goers for supporting us by buying tickets and bringing your amazing dance and party energy.

And most especially, thank you performers for donating your amazing talents to make this event possible!


Zlatne Uste is Belle Birchfield, Morgan Clark, Marian Eines, Sarah Ferholt, Michael Ginsburg, Laine Harris, Emerson Hawley, Catherine Foster, Emily Geller, Don Godwin, Aani Kisslinger, Jerry Kisslinger, Seido Salifoski, Matthew Smith, Daniel Stern