Musiki Parea

Musiki Parea 
Based in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Musiki Parea was originally formed in Summer 2000. Original members include sisters Kate and Erika Gerson and Laura Blumenthal, who met at Mendocino Balkan Camp, and Wendy Cutler.  Johnny-come-latelies are Joe Condie and Mark Hamilton.

The band usually plays at summer festivals in Metro Vancouver, including Greek Day on Broadway and the Greek Summerfest, at various cafes around Vancouver over the years, and once a year (in normal times) for the 4th Corner Dancers in Bellingham, Washington, and has also played at Balkan Night Northwest in Seattle. Most recently Musiki Parea played for the Cambie Village Business Association in Vancouver, BC.  They play mostly Greek music, including village music from all Greek areas and urban Greek tunes, as well as some Turkish tunes, especially those that cross over between the two cultures, and a few songs from the former Yugoslavia.

Band members (in alphabetical order by last name):

Laura Blumenthal (vocals, santouri, and defi)
Joseph Condie (accordion)
Wendy Cutler (bass ukulele)
Erika Gerson (baglama and percussion)
Kate Gerson (clarinet)
Mark Hamilton (guitar)

Set list: 

Mandilatos/To Paploma (Mandilatos/Rachenitsa)
Yiorti Zeimbekidon (Zonaradikos)
Karavi Karavaki (Kalamatianos)
Amarandos (Tsamikos)
Garsona/Ehe geia panta geia (Hasaposervikos)
Sire na peis sti mana sou/Rampi Rampi (Karsilamas)

Notes about this composite video:  The first and last tunes, which are “premieres”, were recorded in our homes, whereas the middle four were recorded when we could still meet live but socially distanced.  The face-to-face pieces were originally recorded and mixed for Kolo Festival.  Sound and video editing was done by Mark Hamilton.