Friday, January 15, 2021

6pm EST (UTC-5)Doors Open, Martenitsa workshop
7pm – 1am ESTMusic Live Stream (Vimeo) – register here for link

Saturday, January 16, 2021

5pm ESTDoors Open
6pm – 1am ESTMusic Live Stream (Vimeo) and
Charshiya Gatherings (Zoom)

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Note: All times are approximate, USA EST (UTC-5). Schedule subject to change.
Tune in early for your favorite groups in case the festival runs ahead of schedule.

Fri 6:00pmMartenitsa WorkshopZoomMake a traditional Balkan ornament of red and white yarn as a wish for health, peace and that spring will soon come. All ages welcome. (Charshiya gathering)
Fri 7:00pmSession 1Stream
7:05Dance TeachingStream LiveSteve teaches a dance, then we dance to the music. Repeat.
7:05Zlatne Uste First DanceStreamBalkan Brass set with dance Instruction
7:48Backyard JamStreamBackyard Balkan
7:55Milorad GolijanStreamSerbian traditional dance music on accordion
Fri 8:00pmSession 2Stream
8:05ROSA vocal groupStreamSerbian traditional singing
8:13VeselbaStreamBulgarian and Macedonian folk songs and dance music
8:38Marjorie & MelindaStreamMacedonian traditional songs with tambura
8:53SviračiStreamMacedonian and Bulgarian folk dance tunes
Fri 9:15pmSession 3Stream
9:18NivaStreamMacedonian village style ensemble
9:45Aya Safiya & Tano BrockStream LiveTraditional music from Greece and Albania
10:07Mountain LionsStreamBalkan and Turkish dance music on saxes and drum
Fri 10:30pmSession 4Stream
10:33BAT TrioStream LiveTurkish classical music
10:53KavalaStreamMusic from Greek Macedonia
11:24Vassil Bebelekov tributeStreamRhodope kaba gajda (Bulgarian low bagpipe) & world music
Fri 11:45pmSession 5Stream
11:49Mark Levy and Carol Silverman InterviewStreamEEFC Founder Mark Levy and Carol Silverman speak about Slavej and Golden Festival
11:54SlavejStreamBalkan folk music
12:10Musiki PareaStreamGreek and Turkish village and urban styles
12:36Vila NavioStreamPortuguese traditional music reinterpreted
12:59Greek JudasStreamHard Rock take on old Greek Rebetika
Sat 5:00pmDoors OpenStream
Sat 6:00pmSession 1Stream
6:02Ethel Raim InterviewStreamReflections from CTMD founder Ethel Raim
6:03101 Kaba Gaidi and TupaniStreamBulgarian bagpipes and drums
6:09The Rosen SistersStreamInternational folk dance tunes on twin fiddles
6:29Cherven TraktorStreamTraditional Bulgarian dance music
6:46DunavaStreamBalkan choir
6:57Dunava Sing-alongStream LiveSing along in three part harmony
Sat 7:00pmSedenka GatheringZoomTextiles, traditions and travel tales (Charshiya gathering)
Sat 7:00pmSession 2Stream
7:03Dina Trageser InterviewStreamDina Trageser on Dunava and Golden Festival
7:06Da! MozhemStreamBalkan dance music and song
7:23Young Bulgarian Voices New YorkStreamBulgarian traditional songs
7:30Orchester PraževicaStreamMusic of the lower Danube area
7:52IhtimanskaStreamBulgarian and Turkish music reinterpreted
Sat 8:15pmSession 3Stream
8:15Lauren Brody's Accordion BytesStreamBulgarian, Macedonian and Romanian songs and dance tunes
8:23DolunayStream LiveTurkish music
8:45Y.A.M.M.S.StreamRoma music from Serbia and Macedonia
9:12Novi Hitovi Brass BandStreamBrass bangers from the Balkans and beyond
Sat 9:30pmSession 4Stream
9:30Kehilla Community Klezmer BandStreamJewish festive and dance music
9:35Slavic Soul Party!StreamBalkan brass funk
9:47Wind of AnatoliaStream LiveTurkish folk and pop music
10:00pm (time change)Boza ChallengeZoomTurkish and Balkan beverage-making and lore (Charshiya gathering)
10:09Sarma Brass BandStreamBalkan brass band music
10:18Zabava!StreamIzvorno and chalgija music from Macedonia and Bulgaria
Sat 10:40pmSession 5Stream
10:42Zlatne UsteStreamBalkan Brass band music
11:19GogofskiStreamMacedonian music
Sat 11:45pmSession 6Stream
11:46Vlada Tomova InterviewStreamVlada Tomova speaks about Yasna Voices and Golden Festival
11:50Yasna Voices NY Bulgarian Women's ChoirStreamBulgarian women's choir
12:02Ashlae Blume BandaStream LiveRoma and Balkan folk and fusion
12:23MadarkaStreamEastern European music esp. Klezmer and Roma
12:38Scott Wilson & EfendiStreamMid East music
12:47KefStreamBalkan dance music
13:16Zlatne Uste FinaleStreamZU playing in Grand Prospect Hall

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