In the Balkans, the Charshiya is the market district of old Ottoman towns, where artisans gather to vend their goods.  And where villagers and townspeople gather to socialize and discover what’s new.

Wander Golden Fest’s Virtual Charshiya and browse its shops.   Meet craftspeople, artisanal cooks and merchants with fascinating stories.   Visit studios and kitchens, try a new recipe or craft, attend a sedenka (work bee).  And shop, of course.

Some of our artisans practice age-old techniques; others are nourished by Balkan, East European or Middle Eastern tradition as inspiration for contemporary design.  Our merchants support artisans abroad and bring their products to a new audience.   There are young folks, too, who create and are eager to share their cultures.


In 2021, visit and support old and new friends in our market place!    They include: