This set was recorded at the Golden Festival 2014. 
The musicians are Dave Golber, clarinet, Henry Goldberg, drums, Ken Hiatt, accordion, and Kasia Sokalla, vocals.

The tunes are

“Skopski Chochek”.   This from an old 45 record (yes, vinyl) of Kocho Petrovski, who was a number one accordion player.   It’s a devetorka.   (Yep, it’s called Skopski Chochek, and it’s a devetorka.   Complain to Kocho if you want …)

Stani Mome da Zaigrash.  “Get up and dance girl, ‘cause we only live once, this life of lies …”  There are lyrics to this also in Greek, and, so I am told, in Turkish.

Sta Dyo.  This version started with a recording of Beth Cohen.  (Thanks, Beth.)

Odam vo Stambul Grad.  A devetorka.  Modern pop-folk.   From a recording by Blagica Pavlovska.  “I went to the big city to find my man.  And sure enough, I found him in the red-light district, drinking and carousing, and hanging out with loose wimmen.  And I said to him ‘Jack, this is your last chance.  You come home with me now, or you will regret it!’”

Beranche.  This is from a very Albanian-style recording, titled “Berance-Valle”.  Towards the end, it switches to a 2-4 Valle.   We usually leave the Valle off.  So we call it “Berance-Valle without the Valle.”   For some reason I (the clarinet player who is writing this) always have trouble with breathing in this piece, so we put in the drum solo to let me breathe some.   And the drum solo is pretty neat anyway …

Chaje Shukarije.  As sung by Esma Redzhepova.

We had Meercat Media video us.  They did an amazing job.  They had no idea of what was going to happen, how we and the dancers were going to move around the floor, but they got these great swooping-around dramatic shots …    Great applause to them.

Oh: in some places there are video dropouts.   The still I used to fill the blank screen is from the Saint’s day at Vladimirovo, eastern Macedonia.  I grabbed my cell phone and taped this lady, because she was dancing in high heels on grass!   You are really dancing to the thunder of the drums; the zurlas are there to keep the air full …

Young Bulgarian Voices New York

Young Bulgarian Voices New York

Young Bulgarian Voices New York is a non profit cultural organization that offers a variety of instrumental, voice, dance, language and traditions classes and workshops for every age and every background.

Want to learn:

Bulgarian Kaba Gaida (bagpipe) for beginners and advanced players with Kiril Ketev
Bulgarian Tupan (double sided drum) for beginners with Bonnie Silver and Mersid Mustafov
Bulgarian Traditional Singing with Petya Maglova
Bulgarian dancing with Cathie Springer
Bulgarian language and singing school for children 1 to 21 years old
Cultural workshops for every age with teaching artist Merglena Zapreva
Let us know! Become one of us! Classes take place every Sunday online. You can also write to ybvny@ybvny.org or call 617-872-7414 for more information
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Visit our Martenitsa make along sedenka workshop at Golden Festival and learn how to make a beautiful ancient charm that brings health and luck to you and your loved ones!

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Musiki Parea

Musiki Parea 
Based in Vancouver, BC (Canada), Musiki Parea was originally formed in Summer 2000. Original members include sisters Kate and Erika Gerson and Laura Blumenthal, who met at Mendocino Balkan Camp, and Wendy Cutler.  Johnny-come-latelies are Joe Condie and Mark Hamilton.

The band usually plays at summer festivals in Metro Vancouver, including Greek Day on Broadway and the Greek Summerfest, at various cafes around Vancouver over the years, and once a year (in normal times) for the 4th Corner Dancers in Bellingham, Washington, and has also played at Balkan Night Northwest in Seattle. Most recently Musiki Parea played for the Cambie Village Business Association in Vancouver, BC.  They play mostly Greek music, including village music from all Greek areas and urban Greek tunes, as well as some Turkish tunes, especially those that cross over between the two cultures, and a few songs from the former Yugoslavia.

Band members (in alphabetical order by last name):

Laura Blumenthal (vocals, santouri, and defi)
Joseph Condie (accordion)
Wendy Cutler (bass ukulele)
Erika Gerson (baglama and percussion)
Kate Gerson (clarinet)
Mark Hamilton (guitar)

Set list: 

Mandilatos/To Paploma (Mandilatos/Rachenitsa)
Yiorti Zeimbekidon (Zonaradikos)
Karavi Karavaki (Kalamatianos)
Amarandos (Tsamikos)
Garsona/Ehe geia panta geia (Hasaposervikos)
Sire na peis sti mana sou/Rampi Rampi (Karsilamas)

Notes about this composite video:  The first and last tunes, which are “premieres”, were recorded in our homes, whereas the middle four were recorded when we could still meet live but socially distanced.  The face-to-face pieces were originally recorded and mixed for Kolo Festival.  Sound and video editing was done by Mark Hamilton.