Zlatne Uste Would Like To Extend Special Thanks To:

The Golden Festival Outdoors Organizing Committee: Matt Smith, Noel Kropf, Cathie Springer, Batja Bell, Morgan Clark, Belle Birchfield, Michael Ginsburg, Melinda Hunt and Laura Pannaman.

HONK NYC!, Co-producers of Golden Festival Outdoors, especially Sara Valentine, Kristin Wallace, Samantha Bosch, Kristina Fortunato, and Lea Byrd

Audio Inc. and the Sound Crew: Alison Goessling, Josh Dobson and …

All the wonderful volunteers, who gave their time & effort to make this festival possible, including:

Program Director: Michael Ginsburg
Publicity: Belle Birchfield, Cathie Springer, Felicia Goldberg
Stage Managers: Laura Pannaman and Adela Winter
Production Coordinators: Noel Kropf and Cathie Springer
Hospitality: Batja Bell and Morgan Clark
Front of House: Matt Smith
Website: Noel Kropf
Festival Volunteers: Alicia Perre-Dowd, Renee Bergan, Rolf Levenbach, Doug Shearer, Eric A. Dahl, Cecil Scheib, Naomi Kaufman, Andrew Lentini, iris Steven Lasson, Ksenia Bobylak, Lila Citrin, and Sarah Citrin

More thanks goes out to:
Marian Eines, proofreader
George Bradley, security consultant
Batja Bell, festival image design
Matthew Fass, festival website design
Patrick Paglen, photographs
Margaret Loomis, photographs

And most especially, THANK YOU PERFORMERS for donating your amazing talents to make this event possible!

Zlatne Uste is Belle Birchfield, Morgan Clark, Marian Eines, Sarah Ferholt, Michael Ginsburg, Laine Harris, Emerson Hawley, Jerry Kisslinger, Seido Salifoski, Matthew Smith, Daniel Stern, Melinda Hunt and Aaron Kisslinger