Saturday Night

General Admission $95, Students with ID $65

Children (12 & under) Free

Please be aware that the schedule may change, even at the last minute!

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Start TimeVenueGroup NameBrief Description
6:00 PMBallroomMlado Selo Young people's band performing varied Balkan music
6:30 PMBallroomKidz Klezmer NYCTraditional klezmer played by all-city kids klezmer band.
6:30 PMGoldSenavaziIranian, Kurdish, Azeri, Roma, Turkish, and Arabic traditions, as well as original tunes.
6:30 PMImperialConical CacophonyBrass Band playing a range of tunes from Serbia, Macedonia, and Bulgaria
6:45 PMEmpireKlazz-Ma-TazzReimagined interpretations of traditional secular Jewish music & other worldly musical influences
7:00 PMBallroomZurli DrustvoMacedonian Zurla team, traditional Macedonian and Roma dance tunes.
7:00 PMGoldKanaryaSephardic Jewish songs of the Balkans and Asia Minor: Bosnian sevdalinki, and cafe and folk songs from Greece and Turkey
7:00 PMImperialKolonyaTurkish classic, pop , dance and flamenco
7:15 PMBallroomHarris Brothers Balkan BandBalkan and Roma dance music. Truba and Saxophone front a band with lots of energy and charisma. Traditional and original arrangements.
7:20 PMEmpireYoung Bulgarian Voices New York and 101 Kaba Gaidi and TupaniBulgarian Music - with singing and with Kaba Gaidi/Tupani for dancing
7:30 PMGoldYasna VoicesBulgarian women's choral music
7:30 PMImperialMountain LionsBalkan dance music inspired by the zurna/davul tradition.
7:45 PMBallroomRomashkaRussian and Romanian Romani (Gypsy) music
7:55 PMEmpireMac FavesTraditional izvorno-style (North) Macedonian music.
8:00 PMGoldUkrainian Village VoicesPolyphonic singing styles from Ukraine’s villages. Seasonal celebrations, ritual songs, as well as lyrical music.
8:00 PMImperialScott Wilson & EfendiTurkish, Greek, Arabic, Armenian dance music
8:25 PMBallroomRhodope Mountain Melodies: Gaida, Tupan, VocalsTraditional Rhodope music from Southern Bulgaria, featuring the Kaba (low) Gaida, Rhodope vocalists, and Tupan drum.
8:30 PMEmpireBrooklyn Chalgija Radio Television Orchestra w/ Pontic FirebirdUrban Chalgija songs from cities of North Macedonia
8:30 PMGoldYarenTraditional Turkish Ashiq music for listening. Saz, percussion and vocal.
8:30 PMImperialLitvakusTraditional Jewish music from North-Eastern Europe (Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia)
9:00 PMGoldSupruliTraditional Georgian polyphonic singing
9:00 PMImperialSzikraHungarian dance music of the Csángó people from Moldva and Gyimes in Romania. Lively and easy to follow, including line couple dances
9:05 PMBallroomNovi Hitovi Brass BandFlaming-hot Serbian, Macedonian, and Turkish Romani-style party brass bangers.
9:05 PMEmpireZurli Drustvo #2Macedonian Zurla team, traditional Macedonian and Roma dance tunes.
9:20 PMEmpireNew York SpelmanslagScandinavian folk dance music from Sweden and Norway, including tunes for Schottis, hambo, polska, polkett, waltz, and pols.
9:30 PMGoldVillage VoicesBeautiful and rarely heard unaccompanied traditional two voiced songs of Bulgaria, sung with centuries old vocal styling and heart.
9:35 PMImperialDimitris StefanidisPontian music
9:45 PMBallroomAvram PengasMusic from around the world
9:50 PMEmpireGrooveIstanbul Turkish traditional classical, folk and modern melodies. A pleasant taste of a variety of Turkish music.
_10:00 pmGoldMichelle Alany & The MysticsWorld folk music drawn from diverse influences . Original and traditional songs, fresh interpretations of Sephardic, Klezmer, and Balkan music.
_10:10 pmImperialGreek JudasElectric versions of vintage Greek Rebetika
_10:25 pmBallroomZlatne UsteBalkan Brass
_10:25 pmEmpireRaya Brass BandBorder-defying Balkan brass
_10:30 pmGoldYale Slavic Chorus A mixed gender SSAA group sings traditional music from Eastern Europe, Georgia, and the Balkans
_10:45 pmImperialSouren Baronian and FriendsMiddle Eastern Jazz Fusion
_10:55 pmEmpireZikrayatA mix of Arabic classics and contemporary music and dance
_11:00 pmGoldEnsemble VerbaPhiladelphia-based singing trio rooted in Ukrainian polyphonic village singing. Every once in a while we'll throw in a dance number to get the blood pumping.
_11:15 pmBallroomMichael Winograd & the Honorable MentshnKlezmer
_11:25 pmImperialRózsaRoma / Hungarian traditional music played in a new way. We have slow songs to danceable party music, and usually play a mix of those.
_11:30 pmEmpireLesvos and BeyondTraditional Dance Music of the Greek Islands
_11:30 pmGoldZhenya LopatnikZhenya Lopatnik features Ukrainian songs. Yiddish songs from prominent Ukrainian poets, and folk songs of the Lemko ethnic minority in Ukraine.
_11:45 pmBallroomSlavic Soul Party!Balkan Brass Funk
Sun _12:00 amEmpireNivaAn all women band plays and sings Macedonian roots music - lyrical, mournful, ecstatic and spooky music that used to be the soundtrack of everyday life back in the day
Sun _12:00 amGoldRodynaEclectic folk music from regions in and around Balkans and Eastern Europe.
Sun _12:00 amImperialPontic FirebirdDriving and uplifting Western Pontic and beyond.
Sun _12:25 amBallroomWest Philadelphia OrchestraMusic inspired by Balkan and klezmer brass traditions of Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, some trad, some informed by influences of klezmer, trad. jazz, avant garde jazz, Brazil, punk, etc.), or in between.
Sun _12:30 amEmpireSarma Brass BandOriginal material as well as traditional music from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, and Albania. Groovy melodies and chest-thumping rhythms will entice even the most shy listener to dance.
Sun _12:30 amGoldAKANARoma rooted soulful music infused with grooves from the West and melodies from the Balkans
Sun _12:35 amImperialDolunayClassic and contemporary Turkish and Rumeli musical traditions infused with urban grit. An array of original compositions alongside standards
Sun_1:00 amEmpireDio Manges ton Jackson HeightsClassic Greek rebetiko with 2 guitars in the style of Giorgos Katsaros and Spyros Peristeris
Sun_1:05 amBallroomKolegiMusic from Greece to Romania, and points in between
Sun_1:05 amGoldMacNCheez Balkan PowerTrioAmerican Comfort Food / Southern Balkan Party Music. Traditional and modern village and urban folk music from the southern Balkans: Macedonia, Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey, strongly influenced by Roma and Ottoman cultures and traditions.
Sun_1:05 amImperialWind of AnatoliaTurkish Folk and Dance music
Sun_1:30 amBallroomUndertow Brass Band (FKA What Cheer? Brigade)Energetic party music inspired by Balkan and other music
Sun_1:30 amImperialKavala Brass BandTraditional brass band music of Northern Greece