Zlatne Uste Golden Festival - January 16-17, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY

Charshiya Balkan Market

Charshiya (čarÅ¡ija) is a market-place, a traditional neighborhood of shops, cafés, and artisans’ workshops in the “old town” of many Balkan cities. In modern times, the charshiya is where artisans still sell traditional hand-crafted items as well as more modern crafts and arts.

Visit our Charshiya on the 3rd floor balcony overlooking the Grand Ballroom! You ll find CDs by festival performers and announcements of upcoming events. Discover books, body art, and both traditional and contemporary handcraft. Like the music, it’s all imported from, or inspired by, the traditions of the Balkans and the Middle East. Part of the proceeds go to support Festival operations, so take home a little of Golden Fest with you!

The 2014 exhibitors are:

RouDesigns – Modern porcelain designs from Rouska and Roussina Valkova.
M Voli E -Modern accessories inspired by folk designs.
Mushmina – Moroccan fair trade handmade accessories.
Falcon Feather Jewelry – jewelry inspired by Mediterranean influences.
Ivko – Serbian high-fashion knitwear.
Yvette Prazsak – hand-made Hungarian jewelry
Demonstrations of Bulgarian Crafts by Young Bulgarian Voices NY
Meerkat Media Collective – filmmakers behind “Brasslands” documentary. (link to http://meerkatmedia.org)
Hajnal Bagosi – hand-made Hungarian jewelry
East European Folklife Center
Handan Kayisoglu-Anlar – Turkish Textiles