Zlatne Uste Golden Festival - January 16-17, 2015 in Brooklyn, NY


Zlatne Uste Would Like To Extend Special Thanks To:

The Golden Festival Organizing Committee: Morgan Clark, Emerson Hawley, Melinda Hunt, Noel Kropf, Krisstofer Marchena, Dan Mullen, Laura Pannaman, Martie Ripson, Matt Smith, Cathie Springer, Joanna Zannoni and Quinn Zannoni.

Batja Bell, Morgan Clark & our Golden Festival Kitchen Crew, who shopped, cooked, prepared specialties, made deliveries and organized the beautiful meze presentation, a taste of Balkan cuisine and hospitality.
Cathie Springer for designing the layout for the party and directing the annual Golden Fest Exhibition of Balkan Weaving; and to the weavers, the lenders and the great installation team!
Michael Ginsburg and Belle Birchfield who directed the musical program, and Quinn Zannoni, our producer.
Laura Pannaman and our volunteer stage managers, who keep the program running smoothly.
Emerson Hawley for technical and stage lighting.
Lea Johnson and Christian Morales and the volunteer Charshiya (bazaar) managers.
All the wonderful volunteers, who gave their time & effort to make this festival possible, and to our volunteer coordinators Kriss Marchena and Noel Kropf, who juggled them all.
Rob Weisberg & Irene Trudel of WFMU for live broad-casting and recording much of the festival. The festival will be archived on WFMU.ORG
Alison Goessling for professional sound reinforcement from Audio Inc, & our volunteer sound crew, organized by Noel Kropf, who set up the stages and ran the boards.
George Bradley, Martie Ripson, and others, who supervised the front desk.
Batja Bell for the festival image design.
Matthew Fass for design of the festival website.
Emerson Hawley and Joanna Zannoni for all their publicity efforts.

And most especially, THANK YOU MUSICIANS for donating your amazing talents to make this event possible!

Zlatne Uste is Belle Birchfield, Morgan Clark, Marian Eines, Sarah Ferholt, Catherine Foster, Emily Geller, Michael Ginsburg, Don Godwin, Laine Harris, Emerson Hawley, Jerry Kisslinger, Seido Salifoski, Matthew Smith, and Gary Zema